Wednesday, July 30, 2014

New Book, New Genre, Over 1000 Page Views!

Today I am celebrating two successes that I'm very excited about!

First off, I have reached over 1000 page views on this blog, after about a month of having it up! It started off a slow and agonizing process where I was lucky to get 1 page view a day. Then one day it sky rocketed to averaging 30-50 page views a day. I know a lot of blogs get way more than this, but I thought this was definitely an accomplishment worth noting! A big thanks to everyone who has viewed or commented on my blog! I am eternally grateful to all of you for your views and support :)

Secondly, I have announced the release of my new YA series, Fairy Tale Horror. Yup, you heard that right. I'm taking a bunch of classic fairy tales, removing all the lovey-dovey aspects that one associates with a fairy tale, and making them scary. Farewell happily ever after, hello big scary monsters.

My first in this novella series is Kill Me, Red, based on Red Riding Hood. It is also under another name (so as not to totally freak out readers of my other genre). The name is: Kelsey Warren-Bryant. Here's the cover and the description:

Red Riding Hood: A Tale of Horror

When Red's best friend gets dragged into the forest by a giant wolf, she sets out to prove that she didn't imagine it. She doesn't know the source of the mysterious growling outside her window every night. She doesn't know why all evidence of the wolf seems to vanish into thin air.

She doesn't know if she's being hunted.

Kill Me, Red, as well as it's sequel Poseidon's Grave, comes out on October 1 of this year. I had a lot of fun writing it, so hopefully readers will have fun with it too. These are definitely a flip-flop from the book I have coming in September, Lokte. 
That being said, my Christian readers who aren't digging the YA horror don't need to worry. I'll be releasing another Christian Thriller early next year. I'll keep you updated, but if I write the book I'm planning, it should be a lot of fun. It's dark and twisted, but will have a good message, so stay tuned for that.

Again, thanks to everyone who has been supporting me through this. I'm very excited about it all, and I can't wait to share my books with all of you :) Have a blessed day!

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